Friday, June 23, 2017

It's Offcial, I'm, disabled

Alright, I KNOW I am disabled, but I really never felt that way on a regular basis.Occasionally I felt like I could return to work but a walk through Walmart would kill that. But the last few days have really convinced me.

Inspisred by a friend who is moving, both my husband and I decided to begin to fix up the  kitchen. After a few hours of just moving furniture, the pain was excruciating and left me incapacitated for quite a while.

It's a rude awakening, age is.

Time to lose the weight

I've been on a health kick for a while. Not really a diet but a time to be healthy. However, for my husband it's a different story. With no help from our doctor, we have discovered that he most, likely has COPD to go along with his diabetes and heart issues. Also, through watching documentaries and health articles, Concerning carcinogens in chicken, red meat and processed foods).  We are now off the bad meats and opiates like milk, onto true proteins (and no,boys and girls,you don't have to have meat for proteins), and having summer meals which don't require heating up a kitchen which is a real thing in Texas. The youngest and I live on a large variety of smoothies and juicing while the oldest feats on fruit and salads. I think the husband and I just tired of doctors who refuses to treat his illness but wants to treat their pocket book. He is on more and more drugs, 22 in total.

 Since I was bored with the same old thing; I've decided to give it new twist


Take a picture of what is right outside your back door.

What is your favorite movie and tell why
One of my favorites is 'Yours, Mine and Ours' with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball. I always wanted to be in a large family.

What is one of your favorite book characters(present or childhood)

Robin of Winnie the Pooh. I once had the original books where Robin had a larger role and I loved his normalacy vs Pooh's whimsy.

What am I watching

I am creating......embroidery on daughters jeans

If I had one wish, it would be.....
 for my entire family to be healthy
Board room

Head Scarves
 Post Script

for those interested in the What The Health film
 Closing Notes

I am now working on a plant based diet due information on What The Health.
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Friday, June 9, 2017

A bit of fan and what not

A friend put this up and  being an herbalist and  amateur astrologist,  I can never resist these things :)

  When times get tough,do you fight? Or take flight?

It is always fight but conscientious fight. I am like a person playing chess and consider my next move before actually moving.

2. Is there a certain color you connect with?

Oh yes! Blue and not  any kind of blue but ocean blue. I am Pisces and my sign is supposed to be attracted to water.  And I am truly that. I also believe that is why I detest land locked areas as a residence.

3. What is your Sun, Moon, Rising sign?
My moon is Sagittarius. My rising sign is Aries

4.Never to have moved to Bowie Tex. ....EVER (but that will soon be remedied).

5. Are you passing down your knowledge to the next generation? If so, in what way?
Yes; by book and by story quilt..

6. Ancestor connections? Who's coming through?

Family members awaiting for my brother.

8. I have not done anything like that in a very long time.

9. Do you feel there is only one type of meditation?

10. With 3 girls with thier own gifts? No way.

11. What is your favorite flower? Why? 
The red rose.
                                         This color rose means passion which is appropriate.  My mother raised all of her life(Her name was actually Rose) and I always loved the aroma. It brings good memories.

12.. Have you tried a new form of divination this year?

13. What is your favorite way to connect to the elements?

being near water

13.. Tea or Coffee?

 Herbal tea

14.Do you come from a witchy family?

 .I refuse on the grounds that it might incriminate me :)

15.  Do you feel bloodline is important or does it matter?
 No.Majority of my family is dead.and no, I do not believe in Harry Potter-esque bloodlines in any thing.

16 . List 3 of your favorite Youtube channels.Effy Wild
Racheal Maddow,  and Craft in America.
  17.  Your favorite witchy book
  I dont need any because I find the majority bogus.

18 An herb you haven't worked with yet.
As an herbalist, I am intrigued with the history of angelica

19. What are your goals for next year? 
moving to south east Texas and getting my youngest daughter finished with college.

I got these from Caffeine Fueled  Magick blog who got them from a You Tube channel she listens to.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It's Here!

Finally, after FIVE years, I have received the news that I have been waiting on.

I finally received my court date for my disability review.  I had come very close to giving up. Five years is a long time to wait; five years of no income, fighting food stamps and not being able to have a doctor check my multiple medical issues due to no insurance. I knew it would take a while but not this long After all my disabilities I have had since childhood.

Here is my merry list:
spinal spondylosis
Congenital hip 

Our initial plans were to move back to my home town in South east Texas due to Huntsville's very good medical program for those in financial need. In other free medical care. Our college aged daughter desperately wanted to go as well. 

Well, not so fast kee mo sa bee.

My youngest is now enrolled in college that will find her a job upon graduation. Since good schools like the one we finally got her into are few and far between. She will only have about half a year and she will have her Associate's degree. So the husband and I decided to be patient and sit tight. 

However my husband's-controlling  sister is not thrilled with us leaving and is working hard to manipulate both daughters and the hubby. He is very influenced by sis but not so much the girls. Thank goodness. My youngest
(aged 22) won't take her calls as she knows what her aunt is doing.  She has even met her at the door with the words 'we are moving and leave us alone. I suppose it doesnt help that Auntie has ignored both girls for most of their 20+years.

 My sister in lawis known for her 'What she wants she gets' attittude' and has thrown us under the train multiple times. I think they are just a tad fed up.

On one side, it angers me that she would attempt to manipulate once again even to the point her own niece is stepping.On the other hand, I find it amusing that her own niece is stepping up! Either or it is going to be an interesting year.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day Book April 25,2017

For Today

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                               For Today April 25, 2017

Looking out my window

typical Spring day;warm,sunny with slight breeze.
I am thinking

that I'm really tired of being disabled; this is now my mode of transportation
( but the wolf carving is cute)

I am thankful
That my youngest finally got into a college so she could major in Computer Technology. You would be amazed at how many only teach Computer Science. 

 One of my favorite things
My wonderful husband bought me entire set of copper cook ware due to not being able to stand for long periods. I love it.   I am creating
colorful wooden windchimes

I am reading
 The Lightworker's Way by Doreen Virtue

I am hoping
that my disability will come in soon

I am learning
different methods in visualization

In my kitchen 

When you are retired, one has the habit of eating lighter

Board room

Post Script

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A moment from my day

1. made breakfast 2. Laundry.3. sketch embroidery designs,work on embroidery designs,4. take nap, 5. repeat 4

I know, exciting, right?
I thought so. :)

 Closing Notes:
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day Book4/11

Day book

For Today

Tuesday, April, 9:15pm

This has been a busy week as I suppose every person of faith is at this time. Ours happened to collide my two autistic daughters' Special Needs baseball. Fortunately it didn't rain, which is a first here in North Texas. This was followed by their baseball organization's monthly 'movie' night, which was Moana. And from an adult's perspective, it was actually pretty good. The adult parents were laughing as much as the adult 'kids'. 

Between baseball and monthly parties, Special Olympics and Special Needs rodeos and all of them about an hour or two away, it's gets exhausting for us 'oldsters (as were called by a 19 your old coach who was meaning and probably still have her baby teeth).

As demeaning as it was, she was right. The husband and I are  of the Baby Boomer Generation which is not good since our generation is moving up rapidly on the 'in need' scale just like our children. 
 Scary thought. was a day of baking!

 We must have pretty colors!

This is 2014 so you see, it is a family tradition. :)

Looking out my window

beautiful sunny day with a little breeze

I am thinking
that it is time to begin getting rid of stuff. 

I am thankful

that today was one of my 'good' days(pertaining to my back aka denigrative back issue


One of my favorite things

My kindle paperwhite. 
I adore being able to read in the car or in bed (while watches the same John Wayne movie for the 11,000000 time)

I am creating

It's amazing what you can do with thread! Now How many pets do YOU have :)

I am wearing
denim skirt with pink tunic

I am reading
an Amanda Lee Mystery

I am watching
Hallmark's Evidence A Fixer Upper) Mystery

I am hoping
to have a better day tomorrow
I am learning
listen to the Holy spirit instead of doing it myself
In my kitchen
it still smells of sugar cookies and homemade frosting

Board room

embroidered mandala from Red Thread Studio

Sunday, April 2, 2017


It's been such an aggravating day due to our congress. I had to spend a good portion of the day working out the kinks in a new browser. On the plus side, Opera is a much more secure system than what we had before. But honestly....does the government truly need to raid my internet information. I swear, this man is certifiable. He spends more time boo-hooing on Twitter and stripping low income families of programs they desperately need when he could be doing, oh I don't know....his job?

Okay rant over....moving on. 

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For Today April 2, 2017

Looking out my window...

warm(more than a little chilly this a.m.)

I am thinking..

that I need to begin having a yard sale to get rid of a lot of this 'stuff'. Don't want to lug all of this to south east Texas!

I am thankful

that, even though my physical health is getting worse, I am thankful for what I have

One of my favorite things

hanging out with my girls playing baseball

I am hopingthat the chilly weather goes away and ergo my pain

I am creating

not exactly creating but repairing antique dolls

I am wearing

long sleeved turtleneck with camel slacks

I am watching

frankie and grace

I am learning

to take it easy; you can't fight aging

In my kitchen

waiting for the homemade Salisbury steak to finish cooking

In my garden

nothing but seedlings germinating in small cups still

Post Script

Shared Quote

A moment from my day

My days are slow and long being disabled. Today was a day of being 'chair-ridden' because of my pain, so I cross stitched all day 


I am hoping

 that Oklahoma  will cease with their delays.
to be more patient with my husband 

I am learning

to be more patient with my own weaknesses

In my garden

nothing but seedlings germinating in small cups


Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Good Day

Well today actually was a good day. All weekend my town had a city wide yard sale and I actually did not go. That is a first for me.  We are attempting, in a very serious way to save money so buying more junk instead of getting ride of what we have in our goal. 

I did have to spend money in the pet department however. We had purchased a new microfiber recliner just two days ago to have one of our many cats decide to urinate on it. Now we knew we were going to have to buy 'stuff' to protect the chair but the chair came two days early and we were just praying that the sheet we covered it with would suffice for the next 12 hours. No dice. Sooooo.....

 The husband and I took off for a town an hour away to hit the local PetCo while I commanded my 21-year-old to sit in the chair to protect it from cats. 

We returned after 3 hours with a funky looking cat scratch post and plenty of spray to ward off the most stalwart of felines  from marking their territory. 

We have been without internet for seven days now. Not the neighborhood; just us. The family, of course is going a little nuts, except me. I kind of like it. Of course, I was raised in a commune as a kid so I personally didn't see what the problem was. LOL

   However, I was not happy about NBC canceling the only show that I regularly watch and that is Grimm. But I suppose 6 seasons is not a bad run. It was one of the most imaginative show I had seen in a while. 

But.I did decide to being writing Grimm fan fic, which has been fun. Lemon into lemonade, right? Right. 
I guess when you can't do anything about your situation, that is all you have to do.

We are still waiting on the court system in OK to finalize my disability, which is slower than molasses. However we informed the in-laws that we are leaving without replying to the question 'why did you come back'. That was a kettle of fish we didnt want to deal with. 

But we are in the process of selling off items even though it may be a year before we can leave. But our attitudes are on the up and up as we begin the process. And that is half the battle. 



It's Offcial, I'm, disabled

Alright, I KNOW I am disabled, but I really never felt that way on a regular basis.Occasionally I felt like I could return to work but a w...