Monday, October 23, 2017

The Castle Part 3

Part Three

How she hated being the odd man out; the who one who always knew they were talking about her yet but their eyes, their mannerisms spoke differently.

Don't they know that I can hear them, feel them...even sense them?” How stupid do they think I am?
How she hated being the odd man out; the who one who always knew they were talking about her yet but their eyes, their mannerisms spoke differently.

Don't they know that I can hear them, feel them...even sense them?” How stupid do they think I am?

"All I want to know if Her majesty is going to help my father or let him die!" Her voice rose in exasperation.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


The Castle
Part 2
“Walk with me” The elderly gentleman extended his hand to the young Victoria.

She turned to see the attendants glancing strangely at them walking as the elderly prince led her away from her destination.

“Uncle Philip,where are we going? I thought I had..”

“Oh, She knows, he smiled, I thought it would be best if we were away from the gossips. His sad expression under that smile worried Victoria but she kept walking through the main corridor that she once played as a child. She still remembered the pale green of the walls covered with massive art work of both and the large framed art work of the masters.

She could see herself running down the lush red hallways and past all of those gold lined chairs while she relentlessly teased the Queen's corgis to give chase. How strange it was to be back in the place that she thought she would never leave. Victoria had forgotten how much she had loved the old place and how she had thought of it as 'home'.

Holding the Prince's hand, she gently squeezed and said, “Uncle, What has happened?

"Oh, nothing, really, His voice trailed off while the elder Prince considered his words carefully; especially since the eagle eye look of the young duchess appeared to read his every thought.

"What is Her verdict?"

Philip cleared his throat, "You know that this is a highly volatile  situation for Her Majesty and"....Philip could feel the heat of frustration beating down. It reminded him of sailing on the ocean as a boy with his uncle. The sun ravaging his fair skin to the the point of feeling the epidermis begin to slough off.

How strange it was to experience that sensation at the hands of this young woman.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


A friend of mine has stirred me into reading fiction once again and so the natural progression has become to return to writing as well. We will see how it goes.
part 1

Hurry,hurry up, hurry up,” Victoria muttered in silent tones that only she heard. She squirmed in the red velvet chair who's sole purpose was to give comfort for the person waiting to have an audience with the Queen.

And She was always late. But then again she was the Queen.

“ Why am I here again?”

“Ah yes, I remember now.

“God,What could She possible be doing?” . All she could think of was her father laying in King Edward Hospital and her mother panicking each time someone in white passed by his room, be it a doctor or the security detail that was required for people of her parent's stature. It had been so long ago since anyone of her family had been around the Royals that she hardly remembered how to act. Her younger siblings definitely not know at all.

She really needed to get back before the press snaked their way in.

“Ahem” came a rough but soft voice that disrupted her thoughts.

Her eyes lifted very welcome welcomed sight.

He was quite tall and the advanced years had suited him well. His face was slightly stern looking but Victoria knew that it was only German ancestry shining through. She almost felt that need to allow tears to flow.

But not,today. she couldn’t let loose and allow emotions to show just how happy she was to see him. “
Was father alright? Is that why her godfather was present instead of yet another attache to inform her how busy the Queen was?

“Hello Victoria” the gruff but gentle voice called out to her. His smile seemed to be the narcotic what she needed to relax.

To Be Continued........

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Daybook and changing

                                    The clock says.....9:38 am.

                                     Looking out my window....
          A very quiet morning; no traffic after last night's rain storm

                                 In my cup.....berry herbal tea.
                                  I am thinking.....
                                  I am thankful for.....
My two little witches...well they are not little anymore but one is always striving to make me laugh while her sister never fails to put me the in "WTH/what did she just say??" category. Sometimes it's hard but I love them both. 

One of my favorite things......going ghost hunting. I used to be a paranormal investigator under the name of 'Mother Ghost' and I loved, loved,loved it. Some people don't believe in it but I always had a whale of a time!

I am wearing....does it really matter?

I am creating....

1) working on an embroidery piece using my daughter's old jeans 2)concocting something using sulfur....shhhhh😜
The Last Movie I saw.....
a murder mystery show on Hallmark.(dont watch much since prices got so high.
I am reading.....Preparing for Life by Dr. Jed Baker(a book preparing adult autistics for the 'real world).

Book Trailer, book releases July 7th.

I am listening to.....6 oclock news by John Prine
In the garden.....I have half a dozen herbs, flowers and lots of tomatoes that are not done yet.

I am hoping.....that my kitchen concoction pans out  

A moment from my with my 'partner in crime'

I am stop worrying and to do something about it. (whatever the 'what' is).

In the kitchen...tomatoes, potatoes and beans for dinner

In the board room....


A shared quote.......

A few plans for the rest of the week......

Making a few new recipes in the kitchen, planning a trip to Vernon College to check out registration for the youngest, regular trip to the wound center to have the old man's wound checked(should be getting nearly healed.

Friday, June 23, 2017

It's Offcial, I'm, disabled

Alright, I KNOW I am disabled, but I really never felt that way on a regular basis.Occasionally I felt like I could return to work but a walk through Walmart would kill that. But the last few days have really convinced me.

Inspisred by a friend who is moving, both my husband and I decided to begin to fix up the  kitchen. After a few hours of just moving furniture, the pain was excruciating and left me incapacitated for quite a while.

It's a rude awakening, age is.

Time to lose the weight

I've been on a health kick for a while. Not really a diet but a time to be healthy. However, for my husband it's a different story. With no help from our doctor, we have discovered that he most, likely has COPD to go along with his diabetes and heart issues. Also, through watching documentaries and health articles, Concerning carcinogens in chicken, red meat and processed foods).  We are now off the bad meats and opiates like milk, onto true proteins (and no,boys and girls,you don't have to have meat for proteins), and having summer meals which don't require heating up a kitchen which is a real thing in Texas. The youngest and I live on a large variety of smoothies and juicing while the oldest feats on fruit and salads. I think the husband and I just tired of doctors who refuses to treat his illness but wants to treat their pocket book. He is on more and more drugs, 22 in total.

 Since I was bored with the same old thing; I've decided to give it new twist


Take a picture of what is right outside your back door.

What is your favorite movie and tell why
One of my favorites is 'Yours, Mine and Ours' with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball. I always wanted to be in a large family.

What is one of your favorite book characters(present or childhood)

Robin of Winnie the Pooh. I once had the original books where Robin had a larger role and I loved his normalacy vs Pooh's whimsy.

What am I watching

I am creating......embroidery on daughters jeans

If I had one wish, it would be.....
 for my entire family to be healthy
Board room

Head Scarves
 Post Script

for those interested in the What The Health film
 Closing Notes

I am now working on a plant based diet due information on What The Health.
{share whatever else it is you wish to share with your readers}

Friday, June 9, 2017

A bit of fan and what not

A friend put this up and  being an herbalist and  amateur astrologist,  I can never resist these things :)

  When times get tough,do you fight? Or take flight?

It is always fight but conscientious fight. I am like a person playing chess and consider my next move before actually moving.

2. Is there a certain color you connect with?

Oh yes! Blue and not  any kind of blue but ocean blue. I am Pisces and my sign is supposed to be attracted to water.  And I am truly that. I also believe that is why I detest land locked areas as a residence.

3. What is your Sun, Moon, Rising sign?
My moon is Sagittarius. My rising sign is Aries

4.Never to have moved to Bowie Tex. ....EVER (but that will soon be remedied).

5. Are you passing down your knowledge to the next generation? If so, in what way?
Yes; by book and by story quilt..

6. Ancestor connections? Who's coming through?

Family members awaiting for my brother.

8. I have not done anything like that in a very long time.

9. Do you feel there is only one type of meditation?

10. With 3 girls with thier own gifts? No way.

11. What is your favorite flower? Why? 
The red rose.
                                         This color rose means passion which is appropriate.  My mother raised all of her life(Her name was actually Rose) and I always loved the aroma. It brings good memories.

12.. Have you tried a new form of divination this year?

13. What is your favorite way to connect to the elements?

being near water

13.. Tea or Coffee?

 Herbal tea

14.Do you come from a witchy family?

 .I refuse on the grounds that it might incriminate me :)

15.  Do you feel bloodline is important or does it matter?
 No.Majority of my family is dead.and no, I do not believe in Harry Potter-esque bloodlines in any thing.

16 . List 3 of your favorite Youtube channels.Effy Wild
Racheal Maddow,  and Craft in America.
  17.  Your favorite witchy book
  I dont need any because I find the majority bogus.

18 An herb you haven't worked with yet.
As an herbalist, I am intrigued with the history of angelica

19. What are your goals for next year? 
moving to south east Texas and getting my youngest daughter finished with college.

I got these from Caffeine Fueled  Magick blog who got them from a You Tube channel she listens to.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It's Here!

Finally, after FIVE years, I have received the news that I have been waiting on.

I finally received my court date for my disability review.  I had come very close to giving up. Five years is a long time to wait; five years of no income, fighting food stamps and not being able to have a doctor check my multiple medical issues due to no insurance. I knew it would take a while but not this long After all my disabilities I have had since childhood.

Here is my merry list:
spinal spondylosis
Congenital hip 

Our initial plans were to move back to my home town in South east Texas due to Huntsville's very good medical program for those in financial need. In other free medical care. Our college aged daughter desperately wanted to go as well. 

Well, not so fast kee mo sa bee.

My youngest is now enrolled in college that will find her a job upon graduation. Since good schools like the one we finally got her into are few and far between. She will only have about half a year and she will have her Associate's degree. So the husband and I decided to be patient and sit tight. 

However my husband's-controlling  sister is not thrilled with us leaving and is working hard to manipulate both daughters and the hubby. He is very influenced by sis but not so much the girls. Thank goodness. My youngest
(aged 22) won't take her calls as she knows what her aunt is doing.  She has even met her at the door with the words 'we are moving and leave us alone. I suppose it doesnt help that Auntie has ignored both girls for most of their 20+years.

 My sister in lawis known for her 'What she wants she gets' attittude' and has thrown us under the train multiple times. I think they are just a tad fed up.

On one side, it angers me that she would attempt to manipulate once again even to the point her own niece is stepping.On the other hand, I find it amusing that her own niece is stepping up! Either or it is going to be an interesting year.

The Castle Part 3

Part Three How she hated being the odd man out; the who one who always knew they were talking about her yet but their eyes, their man...