Monday, November 2, 2009

Work in Progress

Right now, I'm in the middle of a time-consuming WIP and work should be capitalized. This new venture began as a combined idea with the hubby and myself.

"There just aren't very many good Pagan cross-stitch designs out there...."

Hence I am now if the throes of designing Paganesque cross stitch designs because, as I hate to admit it, the hubby was right. How he came to this decision is anybody's guess because he isn't the Rosie Grier type. (For those of you too young for this analogy..Rosie Grier, big bad football who made it known back in the 70's that he cross-stitched for relaxation. Then he became the darling of the morning talk show set.) Not the husband by any stretch of the imagination.

But as I create designs and transfer them onto fabric, he has designed a way to keep track of the dimensions/strand count, etc without having to pay for an expensive program. His part is the non-time-consuming section.

So I am cross stitching my heart out to get these to my customers quickly. I've already had local friends interested in the kit version and the already done version so when I finally get this accomplished I hope you will all like it.

Working in progress....of losing all feeling in my fingertips! LOL.

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