Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and Vocabulary

Today it snowed again.(groan)  I know we don't get the weather that those on the Northern coasts get but I'm really tired of snow and cold and ice and more snow again.

At least it was my day off...and the hubby's day off. Whether he liked it or not. He drives a bus ferrying people to medical appointments and the like so the company called it off today. Therefore, I got nothing done and almost forgot that my youngest had a vocabulary test and a spanish conjugation test today!

We homeschool our girls because of thier ADD and Aspergers Syndrome/OCD.

So it's helpful especially with all the schedule changes between jobs, my word on Etsy, etc, etc. But there days....

They are about to begin with an online academy which I'm nervous about. I've taught them both since they were 2 and 4 so allowing someone else to take over naturally makes me on edge. But the ones before them didn't have learning problems and breezed through. These two are going to need all the help they can get to get through high school....and reading. My youngest hates to read; a trait she gets from her father I'm afraid. The older one, who has Asperger's loves to read but hates the aspect of school. And I'm lousy at science and math but excel in grammar and literature and languages.
Yes its time to call in the recruits.

So we plunged into A's weekly vocabulary test which was iffy at best. This week they were magickal words such as chakra, balefire and intuition. By Monday she'll be covering vocabulary words from her science text on ancient calendars. Each week they change to another subject so she gets a crash course on different words and so she doesn't bore of the same old thing. Spanish subjugation of verbs was much, much easier.

A informed me that helping me with making my soaps tomorrow will be much easier. Oh yea, who says? ;)

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