Sunday, January 24, 2010

When Did This Happen?

When did Micheals stop selling anything(and everything) to do with cross stitch and embroidery and become Scrapbooking-R-Us???

Now I don't get out that much but I was shocked with my visit to day to the Micheals store in Denton. Since I live in a small town that only has a Wal Mart for the minimal amount of crafting supplies(which is basically a few beads, artiificial flowers and fabric), I found myself making my 6-month  trip to Denton for supplies.

It's an hour away and I only have Sundays to do these trips so my choices are limited to Micheals.

I buy in bulk so the last time that I did this was early last year. And boy was I in for a surprise. Micheals has changed immensely.

When I entered large (and I mean LARGE) displays for their jewelry/beading section invaded my senses. Dark green displays that almost touch the ceiling screamed 'COME HERE YOU!'  and I answered. I was stunned to see acrylic boxes filled with charms, beads and expensive trinkets. One 4-inch pendant was running $5!

As I slowly walked through the store, I found nothing in the place where I remembered. The back wall was nothing but frames and the middle, left and right of the store was filled with scrapbooking supplies. A small amount of kid's crafts and floral pieces were crammed in minute corners. That is it.

Out of all the hundreds of different crafting genres that are out there, how does Micheals see fit to call themselves a 'craft' store?  I was informed by a teenaged sales girl when I asked about such things as embroidery, soaps, candles,etc. "Oh we don't do that anymore. Sorry." And she rushed away not waiting for my shocked reponse.

Now I could do my ordering for my business online but that's not the point. I want to my senses to envelope my process. I want to feel the materials. I want to smell the different fragrances that my soaps or candles will become before I purchase them. I want to see the different and possibly new colors that I have yet to experiment with.

Places like Micheals, who used to be the king of crafts, may have driven artists like myself into the unfeeling but simplier realm of the world wide web. I'm shocked, dismayed and down right angry over this.

It's like a song from Jimmy Buffet's Fruitcakes  album that states, in the beginning, I don't want to go to the movies and be forced to buy a 36oz cup of watered down Cherry Coke with my popcorn. I want my Junior Mints. Where did Junior Mints go?"

Jimmy I understand completely. Being forced to buy something the way that some corporation wants you to just to make it easier on them or succumb to an overhyped and overprices hobby that I don't want(no offense scrap bookers). No! I will not go peacefully into the night!

If you're a craft store, sell the dang suppies for the crafts and not the crafts that are easier on you. ALL the crafts thank you very much.

Yet another customer runs away to Hobby Lobby...all fellow cross stitchers, soaps and candle makers follow the bread crumbs.

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