Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Care for a Valentine?

I signed the girls up for a home school Valentine exchange...and then I promptly forgot about it! So......
The last two days have been manic Valentine-making time!
Alyssa is my creative one(whether she'll admit it or not!)

It was a mixture of homemade with store bought Valentines. The store bought ones have been saved through the years and stored in my 'holiday' boxes where my decorations lay dormant through the year. Some go back to when my youngest actually attended public school....in 2nd grade!

Each girl had to make 20. Yes, 40 homemade Valentines! Lots of glue and itty-bitty bits of red and white construction paper everywhere. Have you noticed that construction paper is getting thinner than it has been in year's past? Easier to tear too according to Jessica who had to scrap a couple of her creations!  But she was more of my cutting-out-hearts type rather than designing original Valentines. At least she was consistent!

Each envelope had a homemade and a store bought Valentine, various baggies of Valentine candy and a profile(as requested by the coordinator) on the girls for the recieving kids.

It cost over $20 to send them all but it was worth it! It's been a while since we got out lace and red hearts! 
The post office loved me(of course). Heart-decorated envelopes(so the parents would know that it wasn't something that they ordered via Amazon), larger packages filled with Over The Hill Designs orders and five books that I needed to send out via a book swapping site called BookMooch! All in all, 36 items went out today.
Yes, the post office clerks just love me!  :)

Now back to cross stitching!
Happy Valentine's all!

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  1. sounds like fun! the post office always loves me too lol. i don't like going there though!! the line is always a mile long!!



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