Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today, for our family, is Imbolc. We had a nice quiet day and the girls were thrilled because it meant no school! LOL.

We had our 'decorating of the family altar', blessing ritual with 7 candles and we made Brigid's Crosses out of pipe cleaners.

Now I've made better ones but this was the kiddie version and one that we wanted to show you here.

First we made two batches of 6 pipe cleaners. Initially you need four batches with 6 each but you start off with two bundles. We decided to do these in orange and black so you could see the design better.
 Bend the pipe cleaner bundles in half. Then tie your first set as seen in the photo.

Make sure you take the second bundle and put through the first, like so.
Tie the second bundle now so it won't fall apart. Then take the 3rd bundle and put them the second. Afterwards tie the third bundle. Then do the last bundle the same way and then tie that.
It would be better if you use yarn of the same color. But again this is just for education sake so you can see it.

Wah-laa! This is what your child's first Brigid's Cross will resemble. Adult's versions are usually made from water soaked reeds.

Have a happy Imbolc and happy crafting!

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