Friday, July 2, 2010

Nugget Necklace and Such

Household events have finally calmed down here and my muse has returned!  At the moment, Over The Hill Designs has two new items that are pretty as pink!

The first is a multi-colored nugget necklace. It also has silver plated spacers and pink and orange round wooden beads. The pendant is a large yelllow and blue rendition of the Old World zodiac. (Neck model is my daughter Alyssa).

The earrings are of a spiral designs with various pink beads and Swaroski crystals. These could actually complement the necklace as well.

My muse has really kicked in because my poor family cannot sit at the dining room table any longer! LOL. And the poor husband has been beseeched with crimping and placing clasps on a lot of my new creations! Oh well, got to do something other than watch television!

See you soon

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