Wednesday, May 11, 2011

*NEW* Domino pendants

From the pirate in you to the cute baby girl, do we have a pendant for you!

Come to  to see these and more

Other News:  Recently I donated 4 of my Twilight pendants to 'Twihard Diet' in connection with an auction to raise money to help The Hillywood Show (check them out on You Tube)which does WONDERFUL musical parodies to all of the Twilight movies, Harry Potter and more. 10% of their auction's profits also go to St. Judes. It might be worth your time and effort to give them a gander!

Also, I've been approached to have a booth at an event that is coming up at Shephard A.F.B. in Wichita Falls, Texas. News is pending on that one but keep your fingers crossed! :)

The rain is coming hard and fast here in North Texas and is making for dark, dark skies. Just the kind of weather that brings out my muse. So I'm off to create...have a great day!

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