Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life becomes overwhelming at times here in the North Texas wilderness. So overwhelming that I cannot take it all in. I am stuck between two worlds at all times. The world of aching for the city life and a strong desire to pull back to the piney woods where I was my happiest. The world of my pagan roots and and the world of my present existence which is smack dab in the Baptist Bible belt. I could go running and screaming but where would I run to? How? Why?

So when this travesty begins to overtake my goodly sensibilities I recoil back into a self-made shell away from all things familiar and appealinng. My art, my writing, my reading, my life. But then I rise from the ashes with a new purpose and a need to express myself once again.

Apparently the phoenix has risen. For a little while anyway.

How I wish to return to my home in the tall pines and greenery that is so lush that one can barely see the sky. The land of humidity and deer hiding amongst the thick brush and gorgeous thick greens as far as the eye can see. The land of the raven and lakes with killer swans and trees so tall that you will never see the top.

Once again I am rejuvenated but to what ends only the Gods know. Another page is unfolding. Who knows what inspirations may be borne.

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