Saturday, January 14, 2012

9 cats and another snafu

OMG! If it's not one thing, its another!  Most people adopt or foster children; I think my role in life is to foster cats! All 5 of my cats were strays that we found and took in and, at our last home, I foster about 6 outside ones.

Our next door nieghbor has been gone since Thanksgiving and told the gentleman across the street to watch her house. Simple enough. In the plan, he was to feed the stray cats and kitten that she feeds on a daily basis.

Well this guy's idea of feeding 9 cats was a miniscule bowl of feeding about the size of a Fancy Feast can!  Well our friend, Melissa, who lives across the street from us decided that just wasnt enough and stepped in the feed the cats. So every morning she would take dry food to the happy felines and leave it on the woman's driveway next to a flower pot. That is ALL that she did.

Apparently that didn't over well with the male neighbor because three, yes THREE, no trespassing signs appeared. One was directly position so that Melissa would see it and another was positioned, interestingly enough, inside the flower pot where Melissa had been leaving food. Soooo, Melissa asked us for help.

What could I do? What could I say? Its kittens man!   2 adults cats and 7 half grown kitties and its 29 degrees here. Besides, they all take refuge under our house anyway and we have 4 cats inside that we feed and...oh hell.
So every morning I trudge out in the old pink fuzzy robe and fill a planter try full of food and Melissa does the same thing in the afternoon. Now we have kitties lounging in the house and in the yard.

Some people foster kids but I am THE cat foster mother of 13. Well someone's got to do it!

Minor issues abound today however. If the cat/kitten issue wasn't enough I have found that the PhotoSmart program on my computer doesn't seem to want to work. All sorts of photos of new jewelry and I can't even show them off!  So I'm going to spend the afternoon re-installing and uninstalling. Then I need to dig out my old program for making business cards and circulars and...oh a whole bunch of other stuff that I've been too lazy to take out of the box!

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