Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dead in the Water

Okay, that is exactly how I feel.

This past Friday I took the husband to therapy as usual but when I picked him up, everything changed. EVERYTHING.  Friday is the day that the new doctor was going to change his dressing and explain the results of the culture that was run on his toe. Instead, as she peel away the blue netting bandage, she always peeled away all of his flesh.

You remember those mummy horror films we all watched as kids when the mummy would peel back his skin to reveal his true self; a bloody, pulpy face? Well that would be Gary's toe. 48 hours it was 'looking good' and now this. All I thought was 'Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.'

Within 4 hours of waiting for approval, he was admitted into the hospital and I was having emotional arrest. The waterworks gushing everywhere; Niagra Falls baby.

On the more logical end of the spectrum, this is a good thing. He gets the IV therapy he needs and the vascular surgeon who wouldn't see us because we have no insurance is forced to see him in the hospital. Ah don't you love politics?

But it left me raw and upset. I couldnt stop crying for I saw down the road and there is an avalanche in the middle of it. Why, you may ask. Well hold on to your hat part-time jobs have become more part time; my hours have been sliced and diced so much that there isn't much to make a julienne fry out of!  Officially and financially I am now paying to go to work since what I will be making with be going solely to gas. And we won't even go down that path of how to pay the bills.

It's hard to keep positive so I just work. Mush better keeping the hands busy or my mind will turn into more than just the Devil's playground...more like an amusement park full of roller coasters!

So hopefully these will be up on Over The Hill Designs by tomorrow. Keep watching!
                                              Red Dragon Earrings
                                            Pocket wands

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