Saturday, January 28, 2012

So Much For Successful Dragons

I thought that this was supposed to be the 'successful' Year of the Dragon? You know, good things all around? Ha! So far this year has been more like the vindictive black Dragon.

My husband went from being treated in the local hospital for a toe that need to be amputated to being rushed to Herman Hospital in the The Woodlands by ambulance for bypass surgery! His sister and BIL came rushing down to the Houston area again(they were here just last week) to be with us as they rushed him into surgery..

The surgery went well and they had to work on two arteries instead of three. We will still have to go through a procedure for the severe blockage in his legs and the amputation but that is for another day. My SIL and BIL have had to play sitter with him since I cannot go to the hospital due to finances. Now I hear through the grapevine that my piddling-poor job at Walmart may be in danger. They scheduled me to have an entire week off due to seasonal cuts but may get rid of several people(including myself).

I'm now struggling through bills that my well-meaning dh neglected to pay and looking for a job all at the same time.  But through it all, I have been making new pieces for the shop. As Rome burned, Nero still fiddled away.

Hopefully February will kick the Dragon out of his slumber and get him to chase that dang rabbit away for good. I need a year of success and prosperity.

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