Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Me Have Stress?

And stress will keep you from creating anything!  Between looking for a full time job, dealing with my youngest's online school travesty, my retail job and all of the heartache that causes, I have a new drama in my life.


A woman across the street has taken upon herself to catch and have killed all of our neighborhood cats. These cats are not feral and two of them were new mothers. One of these litters is now living in my house awaiting good homes. Their eyes were still matted shut, they were dehydrated and starving and only 4 wks old. Now I am down to three(hopefully two).

My youngest is in the midst of finals which is making her panic. My husband has his exam for his disability application, oh, and the truck(one of two cars) is broken and so is the dryer.

There's nothing like a little stress in your life.

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