Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cleaning House

Right now I'm sitting on my thumbs waiting for supplies to be delivered. So I decided to clean my Over the Hill house. I couldn't believe that I had so many beads that I haven't in years! So I decided to bundle them up and put them for cheap on my Etsy site.

I think that this was during my 'beaded sock' days and I made enough of those to last everyone's lifetime!

So right now the hubby is helping me get tshirt designs cut out, which is tedious at best!

But it also gives those who show up here a chance to see the process of creating what we stay tuned for more.

As I wait in the lurch for hemp and organic cloth and various jewelry-type supplies, I am hard at work at our latest feather jewelry, tshirts and the long awaited dragon pendant jewelry. 

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