Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Craft Activist

OK everyone...I've been busy with...yes, you guessed it being CRAFTY!!!

This is just one of our newest pieces; our chakra peace earrings. We're busy smoothing out the rough spots in our dragon egg pendants and working out the kinks in our new Pagan T-shirts.

But sometimes the best ideas go awry. Our font on one of the vinyl designs is too frail to survive the big bad heat press. So now we having to go back to the photoshop drawing board.. We also learned NOT to use Hanes T-shirts. I thought, 'Ooo, soft...that's the ticket'. Apparently its the ticket to Hell! Because I now have a failed attempts and Tshirts that we can't use. Big sigh

Soo, after a day of dealing with this aggravation, I decided to take the girls to the library. In the process I found this great crafting book that I had to share!

Craft Activism is an absolutely wonderful book!  I was looking for something that inspired or, basically, helped me to de-stress. This book covers several crafters and craft movements such as yarn bombing.  Not a long book which is a shame because I wanted more by the time I finished.

Feeling crafty and haven't a clue how to start? Find Craft Activism and you'll feel like you can do anything!

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