Friday, November 30, 2012

New Items for the Holidays!

Well I've been quite busy and just in time for the holidays!

I've gone pendant crazy of late. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I live up to a nickname given to me by friends, Queen of Pendants. LOL  I've even affect my daughter.

Jessica is autistic and has been struck by the crafting bug...She has made her own and wants to sell them!  We've decided to give majority of the proceeds to the National Austism Association. I saw 'majority' because Jessica feels that she needs to be paid!  So she gets $2.50 of each sale. So please buy a lot! 

Seriously she loves it. She came to me with a whole bunch of pendants for Halloween and Thanksgiving..3 days after Thanksgiving. Being autistic, she is really not one for time tables. But at least she came up with some Christmas gems for you all.

I actually got to squeeze some in the shop as well....I've had my mind of poinsettias these days.

And I finally came out with my dragon egg pendants...

Right now I have some Yule embroidery designs in the mix. Yes, the holiday is in the air.....

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