Sunday, December 9, 2012

How many of you use Google AdWords for your online shop? OMG, as lovely as this is to bring more customers to my online shop, it can be taxing.

Not that I am criticising Google. I love Google. My family calls my MIL the Ebay Queen and I am called the Google Queen! LOL. Google has been very, very good to me! 

And when I put tagwords on my items, I go straight the Google Adwords keyword tool(which you can use even if you're not doing the 'pay by click' thang). I use it solely for all of my keywords and it works great. But!  I put 7 items on my ArtFire shop and it took over an hour! Of course ArtFire allows you to go on and on with your tagwords while Etsy only allows so many. So I do tend to go overboard but it pays off. I now get more hits to ArtFire than I do Etsy.

If you are having issues getting people to your online shops, I highly suggest using it. It's free and, although their adword feature is great and does bring in the people, it can cost. If you're just starting out, it wouldn't be something I would suggest until you have some profits under your belt. I made that mistake and didn't realize how good Google was about getting you hits to your site("You want customers, We'll get you customers!"). I had to cancel and when I started getting a little ahead, I re-joined.

But hey, that's the world of marketing. To get ahead, you gotta pay the piper.

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