Friday, December 14, 2012

I can see! After proscrastinating because of the 'I really can't afford to do that right now' syndrome, last month I went to have my eyes checked. My poor glasses were severely scratched and I mean severely(90%)! This was due to working with with Dremels, workworking and other crafting items.
After a month of waiting(due to lab snafu's with the lenses....apparently I'm really blind in my right eye), I have glasses once again. And a gift from my dear sarcastic husband of 20+ years....a pair of safety goggles so I won't scratch up the new glasses.  He's sooooo funny.
In my Artfire shop, I have this lovely necklace to bring the wearer luck especially with December 21 looming!
This is the Leopard Chinese Coin Luck Necklace

This and some other great Yuletide gifts are waiting...:)

Now that I can see more items will be coming! LOL

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