Monday, December 3, 2012

Time For a Change

I've decided that's time for a change. I guess being at home this past month has made me realize just how stagnant things and ME have become. I have always been one who itches for the open road or want to throw everything out and just start over.

Well with two almost-grown teenagers and a husband on disability that is easier said than done! So these days I just move the furniture around and make do with changing my shop. And that is exactly what I decided to do.

Lately I've been in a 'what have you done for me lately' mood. And, I am afraid Etsy is not fairing too well. After reading everything they have to offer and many, many emails back and forth, I have found that they haven't been able to do much. Now that's not Etsy's fault. They are a very large company now and can't help everyone. They just don't understand that not everyone has tons of craft shows, markets and places to just sell their wares. There are some places where it is an expensive challenge to do fairs and shows. The last booth that I rented cost me $2000 and I didn't even break even!

So a friend of mine who belongs to the same home-school group that I do...well I started picking her brain about how she marketed her own shop(which is very neat Ren-wear, belly-dancing costumes and chainmail!..Out of the Mists on Art Fire. Check her out!) and discovered ArtFire. Then I sat down to read the articles on thier site..and read...and read some more. In fact, I'm still reading.

But I did pause long enough to know that I was in the wrong place. I have since found a new home at ArtFire and I am very jinxy about it! Hippie-speak for happy, happy, joy, joy! It's so cool to find a place that WANTS to help you succeed. Even thier message boards are helpful! Imagine sellers actually helping fellow sellers! Who knew?

So those who pop in here, PAH-LEEZ follow me over to ArtFire. You will definitely like what you see. Oh and if you see something that you really like, drop me a line. I'm still looking myself!

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