Friday, December 21, 2012

We Made It!

Well it seems that we made it to the end of the world! So how do you feel about yourself?

I think the post by the great George Takai summed it all up. This is going to be the worst day in Facebook history!  Of course, they day is not over but I've already been besieged with 'nananana the world didn't end' stuff! I would safely say 90% of my post this morning were about the end of the world.

So the day and our lives continue...and we were none the worse for wear.

This is our Yule tree. Not much by today's standards but we absolutely love it!  You see, we haven't had a tree for the past two years due to the husband's medical problems, my unemployment in the 'mundane' world and serious lack of government programs that were supposed to be helping us...doing just the opposite. We have tons of decorations in a small tin storage building in NORTH Texas. It doesn't do us much good there but there you have it!  Lack of funds have prohibited us from getting the rest of our belongings. Sooo some good friends who have about 5 acres filled in pine trees gave us a small tree for our kids.
This was the best Yule present ever! No amount of laptops, DS players or new DVDs could make up for this one lone tree.
~Happy Yule to everyone~

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