Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yuletime Reflections

Well it's the end of another year with all of the fanfare that the season usually brings. This happens to be my neighbor across the street and the main reason we don't even bother with decorating outside of our house! He spends about $300 per year in new 'stuff' and can't even cook a meal nor run the television while the lights are on!  But he loves the holidays! He even does this for Halloween as well.  On Christmas Eve, he and his 'volunteers' dress up as Santa's elves and hand out hot cocoa and candy canes to people driving and walking by(we're a big 'walking' town). My youngest and I have already volunteered for next year! LOL

Even though we financially struggled this year due to my being unemployed and my husband's disability, we enjoyed this year immensely. A friend donated a small tree from her pine tree-infested land and we decorated it with a colorful paper chain and homemade ornaments. We made our gifts for each other. My daughter's gifts were really nice and thought-out. My autistic teenager is OBSESSED with Glee so the youngest made her a domino pendants of 'Racheal' the lead female in the show(not like her momma doesn't have enough craft supplies for that or anything)! And my autistic one, whom I worried wouldn't catch on to the idea of 'homemade gifts' embroidered three kabuki dolls on linen and had me frame it.(Her sister is all into Asian things; anime, martial arts, Hello Kitty....). Both were impressed with the other and I was thrilled. On our end, Dad created new CD cases with their names embroidered and I made tons of wide headbands and tunic blouses. Believe me, I felt like a flippin' elf; broke 3 needles on the eve of Yule and was running all over Walmart looking for the ones that would fit my machine!

Now I sit here with a cold in the cold. No ice, no snow but SE Texas is a tad cold at 37 degrees and constant rain. But that's alright; we made it through no worse for wear. Now it's time to get back to work. Being sick has given me lots of time to sketch out new ideas for my Etsy and ArtFire shops...

Be well, Be good.


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  1. Hey woman my cell phone is dead until the 4th Jan lol. My internet isnt the greatest either so chatting online is out too. Check out my blog. Checked out your new craft site :-) I wouldnt want your neighbors electric bill lol. Tell Gary and girls I said hi.



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