Monday, January 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home


After spending three days fighting to get the landlord to fix both of our toilets, I am frustrated and looking forward to our move. We have lived in this house for two years now and dealt with plumbing problems, increasingly sinking living room due to poor repairs, and every winter the downstairs is freezing while upstairs is stifling. [sigh]

This does make for a good creative flow in which to work. I meditate to the ancestors on which is the best path and I get all sorts of postive feedback. But that worrier in me wonders...

The whole reason we moved here was a change in environment was aid in a change in our lives. Actually it has worked before so why not. The town we live in is visually gorgeous and full of good energy. However, employment is as bad as the place we left but for different reasons. This is a college town that seems to not want to hire a person who isn't under 25. Understandable since the kids come and go. They're cheap, they don't demand benefits...But it leaves us experienced, skilled and older people out of the loop. I suppose I am hitting that 'age ceiling' which really just pisses me off.

The town that we left is bereft of inspiration when it comes to environment. It's dry, brittle and bland. But my in-laws are there and friends I've known for years that are more like family. But there are NO jobs and the drive would be over an hour to find one. Weighing the difference between here and there wasn't really a hard one after I received several phone calls from my SIL asking us to come back. BIL and MIL had surgeries and then were sick and poor SIL just can't handle it on her own. Issue: we're not as young as we used to be.

I think maybe being around family and being unemployed is better than being alone. At least my kids think so.

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