Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another roadblock

Funny how things turn. I've been wrapped in making new cross stitch designs and jewelry and then life showed up scratching at my already worn door.

My diabetic husband had another go-around with his foot; or more precisely his toe. We spend the past week-and-a-half battling incompetent ER doctors, hospital bureaucracy and really, really bad hospital food. Now we're dealing with incompetent front desk staff of doctors, clinics and hospital bureaucracy.

I've spent more time running around than when G. was in the hospital. And more time cursing G. and his need to cheat on his diet. So, before he came home I gave away what food had any trace of sugar or massive amounts of carbs and refilled it with all those wonderfully boring and mundane foods that will keep him out of the hospital.

He is now more compliant.

So it's starting(just starting mind you) to calm down. I expect to be back at the drawing 'table' any day now!

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