Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

This day of lovers has turned into a busy one!  Yesterday I had to send out 10 rush orders for some of those 'I know the holiday is tomorrow but can you...' types. Every holiday it happens.

Since today is one of the busiest days for individual artists and retail alike, you would think I would be 'oh my god...its Valentines'. But I actually enjoy this day. 

Everyone seems a bit more calm..after their kids all have their candy for school and the flowers have all been handed out. 

I know that this seems like a romantic viewpoint but most people seem a bit nicer on Valentines. It's a lot better than dealing with people around Christmas, which seems to make people crankier and just plain mean. 
  Of course I have noticed in years past that the gifts haven't exactly been traditional (as in the case of the earrings below-a favorite this holiday season)!

But Valentine's does bring out the best, I believe, in people. What's better than thinking about love?

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