Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Passionate Roots

Sometimes it is necessary to look back in our lives to what made us happy, truly happy. As children, the games that we loved and the events we were passionate about(yes, even children can be impassioned), we as adults are inclined to think it was foolish.

Even our interests when we were 20 differs from our 40s and older. BUT....

On occasion, we wonder why we let certain joys slip through our fingertips. Were we bored with it when that new interest came along or did we just become so busy with family, careers and life that we just forgot how much joy it gave us?

I have come to the decision to go back to childish things(as a certain Mr. Carroll would say) love of cross stitch. More importantly antique and what is now known as primitive cross stitch.

It is good to go back to the beginning.

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