Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A 'Ferdinand' Kind of Day

This morning was wonderful. The air outside was cool and crisp which is a rarity here in North Texas. The temps usually start in the high 90's at 7a.m. and work up. Not today.

I spent my morning meditation and yoga outside under our large red elm amongst noisy blackbirds, blue jays and lots of squirrels. The squirrels were mostly ticked off at my Jack Russell for just doing his 'Ferdinand the Bull' impression.

It was so relaxing that I forgot what day it was and had to check the calendar. If felt like a Sunday.

I'm anxious to see the blue moon tonight...third seasonal full. But my thoughts are on a 'new' (or as we like to call it, 'new-used') house. It appears that my SIL may be purchasing it after all. I gently berated her last night when she called for making her brother (the husband) a nervous wreck. She, the MIL and BIL sat at the kitchen table with the husband discussing not buying the house in lieu of a RV park for the BIL to run and how the BIL's old house(our present one) wouldn't bring a profit if sold because it would cost so much to make it sale-able, etc, etc.

She just giggled. That is how she is though,  and I know it. She talks in the negative and does the positive...eventually. But NOT until she makes her brother on the verge of committing hary-cary. She knows he wants it and she doesn't think that this is family and not one of her mergers at her corporation job. (She is known as the 'Tiger Lady' at her position with CitiGroup).

But this morning, he's calm...and excited all in the same breath. Now he's plotting and planning. He plans to go to the other house and take measurements and call a company to haul off barrels of used oil for recycling. He is now happy.

Which means the women in the house are happy because he is not grousing or grumbling. No doctor appointments, no errand running and I get to sit and work on my Dr. Who embroidery piece which seems to grow.

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