Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Get Up and Dance


You see, I have this friend… I love her but she is like others I know. I find it challenging at best.  You see, she is judgmental and very much a whiner. She’s the type of woman who will go to great lengths for attention; any type of attention.

Lately she has cried that she is bad at housework and not an organizer. She says that she tries and does a whole list of things but the house still looks horrible. And she is right. I’ve been to her house on many occasions to see laundry stacked chest high in chairs, unusual stale smells emitted from the room, last night’s dishes piled on various tables and all the while she and her children each have their own laptops and spend each day playing video games or are on Facebook.

She bemoans her problem on everything from FB to Twitter and announces that Jesus will help her through this.

I have another friend who whines about her family and how her kids won’t do anything but lay around and watch television or play the video games. They fight. They never talk to her. She says this while she sits on her bed, with the door shut, and watches her DVR hour upon hour. She watches shows that I’ve never even heard of. She doesn’t dump this on Jesus but on the Goddess Brigid.

My own is not clean…its clean-ish. I have lost the sight of the top of an end table because its covered in embroidery pieces, colored pencils, draft paper and beading projects. Sitting on our kitchen table are art journals and sketches of future art designs that will fill my kitchen walls and mosaic pieces that are slowly becoming my kitchen counter. So, no I don’t have room to complain about my friends.

I know its an artistic mess. But the clothes are in their homes. The floors are swept. And my kids are usually filthy. They are covered in grout, paint, thread and fabric from the many projects that I drag them into. My usually white Jack Russell now has some sort of blue coloring on his head with a little grout stuck to his tail. I put the blame on me. I’m an artist with artistic kids and a dog that doesn’t know when to come in from the rain much less not hang around me when I’m working.

I’m on Facebook…about 30 minutes a day. My husband spends more time than I do and that’s because he’s caught up in their games. So I’m a rotten friend to be saying these things? I think I would be worse if I didn’t tell them to shut up and get up. I don’t think whatever higher power that they believe in would give a damn about Facebook or XBox. I’m pretty positive that they’re not interested in the whining rants of how horrible our lives are. So you can’t seem to clean your house? Fine but live like a slob where nobody can sit and turn off the electronics!  You want the kids to stop fighting, spending their lives in front of a monitor? Then show them by example.


Get up! Get up and dance. Not for five minutes out of your entire life but for a lifetime. Stop whining! Nobody cares how pitiful your life is when you can afford several hundred dollars worth of wiring and playtoys. You have enough to feed a country…small or otherwise.

Have you forgotten why you are here? Have you forgotten the joy of the life that was given you? If you had to could you live without electricity? cars? The world wide web? If it was all taken from you tomorrow, would you cry and carry on because you couldn’t watch the latest episode of ‘Tru Blood’ or would you be more worried about that family that you don’t talk to anymore?

Time to look around and take in the beauty. The danger. The ‘true’ freedom.

Get up and Dance. Before its too late to do anything or enjoy anyone.

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