Friday, August 9, 2013

I have been tired lately. Oh so very tired. I awake exhausted and stay that way for most of the day.   I have been driving my husband to a nieghboring town which is about 30 minutes away, one-way. He had a diabetic wound on the same foot that he has had two amputations. So back and forth we go. He's doing well but there's always that little doubt in the back of your mind; those 'yes but's".

heading home from huntsville

Next week is the week of not only his trips but my autistic daughter has mental and physical exams so she can apply for her disability. She's 20 now and it has been a long haul to this point..and with her. A lesson in patience and endurance.

The week after that, school starts again and thus begins our youngest's Senior year. Big sigh.

No, I'm not stressed. Why do you ask?

And I have a detailed project that I'm working on for a young girl who has a thing for Dr. Who. I just cant seem to get it going. I think I need about a month's worth of Calgon moments and that would make me function a whole lot better. I hope the universe is listening. 

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