Sunday, August 11, 2013


I woke up today not knowing it was today. Thoughts carry to a time when I didn’t have worry about others. What they thought. How they felt. How their thoughts affected me. How they felt damaging. Negative without meaning to.

I’m hurting. Inside. Deep in the crevasses where few can journey. I call out and receive only deep, hollow echoes. I know I can’t reach out to those who proclaim their love, their loyalty. They stand on the cliff and look at me with sorrowful yet empty eyes.

 Great Spirit,  where are you? Why am I on this plane? It is not like you to send me on a journey with no helping hand to catch me when I feel that I’m falling.

 I know you have not left me. I know the others are just ‘human’. They cannot help themselves. It is easier to turn their backs and state “It was God’s will” when they know the truth.

It hurts less that way. We are all alone though we may be surrounding by bodies. We are not surrounded by souls. We need souls…spirits.

The journey proceeds along the rocks of our choices.

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