Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In Need of the Doctor

Today was a day of emotional  and spiritual exhaustion. From the moment I awoke I felt a desire to hide, to crash, to wrap the covers over my head and pray for it to be tomorrow. Even my morning meditations did not help.

I think the drain of the schedule of doctor's appointments, preparation for my autistic daughter's disability examination and deadline's of orders have created a sense of darkness over me.  It is at the point where I stopped reading my recent book, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

It is too much darkness for me at the moment.

I have called to my spirit guides in my meditations to ask for messages to come to me to help. So now I'm keeping to my embroidery and not even serious embroidery at that.

 I feel things are gathering like a slow moving storm. So down time is needed as I wait for the answer to come.  And I know the answer will come; it always does. But the Doctor will keep me company.

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