Monday, August 26, 2013


I sit here after my meditation, relaxed and calm. I have green
candles surrounding me with the scent of sage and citrus and

listening to the sounds of native American flute of Robert Tree Cody,

which I love.

Most of my friends who meditate say they use sounds of waterfalls

or birds chirping. That would drive me insane I think. One I would

probably have a desire to run to the restroom and the other would be

a need to open my eyes and look for the dang birds.

So it's the melodic sounds of native American flutes. One of my

mother's friends was a professional flutist and his was made from a

pinon tree. I don't know how strong a wood that would be but it

was very cool looking. He tried to teach me how to play it but I was

better at string instruments. But I did love to just sit outside when

the sun was setting behind his hogan and listen to him. Even his

neighbors who lived some distance away would travel the rocky

excuse for a path to sit and listen to him.

This was a day of needing not only meditation but something relaxing.

It was the first day of school for the youngest; her senior year.

And she is quite nervous. The fact that her on-line school had major

technical difficulties did not help her mood. Their live orientation
crashed and so did the scan tron tests that she was supposed to

complete today.

And she gets more of the same tomorrow. Even she came into my

room to join in on meditation today because it has created more

angst than just first-day-of-school nerves.

My bedroom was designed with meditation in mind; it's dark and calm.

When I light the candles and the incense, and turn on my flute

music or my Pandora radio station of native American/meditation

music, she does exactly what I expect.

My youngest meditated herself right to sleep.

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  1. Sweet. :)

    And I'm reminded now to put on the beautiful, peace-filled music of Joseph Firecrow's latest CD, "Night Walk." Thank you for the reminder.




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