Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Karma and the House

We may be moving....or not.

Before I continue on my tale, I will have to fill you in on the back story. Because of my husband's many surgeries(heart bypass, femoral bypass and amputations due to diabetes), we decided that it would be best to move the family from Huntsville, Tx, the land of prisons, colleges and lots of pine trees, to his hometown in North Texas. This hometown is small, employable-famished and drought ridden. But the majority of his family and a large contingency of friends from the past 20 years live here so it's all good.

But being employment-lite, that also means that the town is housing-lite as well. So the SIL arranged for us to move into the BIL's old house that he had vacated but never sold. The house is alright but not exactly our cuppa if you get my meaning. I have 2 teenagers that don't seem interested in leaving home anytime soon, 7 cats and 1 dog and this house is small. And needs lots of work both cosmetically and structurally.

But it's a house; roof over the head with a large fenced yard for the dog and so it's good.   I could, most likely, live the rest of my life here.... if I had to.

I'm also a student of meditation and believe that material things like big house, expensive cars are just things that do not count. I don't believe things should happen because I WANT them to happen. I don't believe in regret or blaming others. It does a person no good.

I believe in a peace of mind and accepting what has been bestowed on me. I leave all the details to a higher power, knowing it will all be fine in the long run and the universe will be fine as well. Things; events, they happen for a reason if nothing more than to teach us along our way. No bitching, moaning. Just serenity and that peace of mind that everything will work out. Yes, sometimes I do rant but I think the Gods know that's just how they programmed me and I don't really mean a word of it. Besides, my methodology has worked for me for the past some-odd years. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Apparently the Great Spirit was listening because the SIL came to us and asked our opinion on a house that she was looking to buy as an investment, which she always prone to do. This house had been sitting empty for a year and was about to go into foreclosure which meant it was going for a song.  The owner passed on and his family was estranged so the adult children were just going to let the house go to rot instead of selling.

This is a wonderful house. Large but not too much, screened in porch, huge workshop that still had a car lift inside and 2 acres worth of a backyard. The laundress(me!) loved the half acre of a laundry room complete with hanging racks and organizational shelving. The husband was salivating yet not happy about the really dated 2nd bathroom. It was 1970's pink. Pink shower, sink and toilet! LOL. He wasn't happy because he knew that he would be the one renovating it for his sister so all he could see was measurements, labor, cost.

I saw a house that I would move into in a heartbeat.

Then SIL announces that she was thinking of buying for us but she would know more on Monday. Of course, THEN I told the husband that he didn't have to worry about the pink bathroom anymore.  We have two daughters who are still into their pink and purple phase. Their bedrooms are even pink and purple; beds, curtains, WALLS. They would be in love and consider 'Dad' their hero for getting them a pink bathroom!  The universe was turning in our favor.

The husband is not a meditation kind of guy. Anything I (and now my children) believe in,  is good with him. Not a problem but meditation? Karma yoga? Meh, not so much. However, he does believe in the tarot. So I do a reading for him and it just screams GOOD, GREAT, success of all levels. Nary a conflict card in the bunch.   Did that make him a believer? Nah. He then started fretting, crunching numbers concerning mortgages, and grumbling that his sister might back out of what she said she was going to do.

He definitely needs a good dose of karma yoga. I just smile and know if it comes, it comes. If it doesn't, I have a decent house with a yard and pink rooms.

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