Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Autistic Daughter

Autism Awareness Page

This is my autistic daughter. She is 20. Please watch the video and understand her world. She cannot tolerate noise, bright lights or crowds. A mere trip to a store just to pick up milk can overwhelm her. She also can't handle most foods aside from about 10. Our grocery bill just for her is over $200 because of her GF/CF diet. She won't be able to work. She couldn't make it past the 8th grade even though mathematically she is considered a genius. I've had both family and friends question us constantly when she was going to 'get out there' or 'grow up'(family member made that remark). She is stuck between 5 and 15. Her room is very, very pink and she has a mad crush on Nick Jonas.
This is MY daughter. Smart, spiritual, funny, charming and she is autistic.

The next time you want to whine about your kids or your friends or your life. THINK and remember how her life is. Maybe even save this video and re-run when you feel the world is crashing in on you. Remember how good you really have it. :)  I know I do.

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