Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Something About Nothing

Were I a cloud I’d gather
My skirts up in the air,
And fly well know whither,
And rest I well know where.
~Robert Seymour Bridges


The school season approaches and I seem to be the one who is getting prepared.

I spent a good portion of the early summer sleeping until 9, which is late for me. But now my body orders me up at 7am. And I do mean 7! I find it so strange that, even without an alarm, I awake anywhere from 6:57 to 7:06. I know because the times were so similar that I began taking note!

A week to go and I’m up before the animals are! There is something wrong with that. The sadistically comic part of this is that I don’t have to. My youngest is a Senior and no longer needs Momma to force her out of bed and demand breakfast, clothes and brushing of teeth and hair. She is my ‘wake-up-before-the-alarm’ type.

She also has a shortened load since she has pretty much taken almost all the courses that her school has to offer. She is now down to those ‘senior’ classes and the ones she avoided for 3 years like British Literature, Nutrition and Senior math (OK, so it’s called economic math but it’s unnecessary and irksome to say the least). If it does not involve Science or Computer, it’s boring for her!

I enjoy the early morning for its dark coolness and its ‘fresh start’ feeling. It has a do-over kind of mood. No matter how things conspired against us the previous day; no matter your mood or what went right or what went wrong, the next morning will be all right.

I love to get up and do my tai chi and my meditation and then sit down to write. It, like the day, is fresh. Of course, I’m also one of ‘those types’ that enjoy the darkness before the glaring heat of the summer sun sends me retreating like a vampire.

In the darkness, I find I have more energy and some sort of divine guidance. I become really inspired when the rain brings a full day of dark skies. On one of those kind of days, I will have baked enough to fill a warehouse, have a clean and organized house (which never happens), have painted, beaded, sculpted and written the Great American novel. But that’s just me.

The bright harshness of the rest of the day just makes me wither and withdraw into the world of ‘have-to’s’. Of course I do live in Texas where it’s 110 degrees before 10 in the morning. Here you learn to cook dinner before lunch so you don’t make the kitchen and therefore the rest of the house into a sauna, and wait to do anything strenuous that requires outdoor labor until the sun is setting.

And I pray for rain.

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