Monday, August 12, 2013

walking in magick

Today my husband and I took our autistic daughter to get her state I.D. She was quite excited and was wearing her favorite skirt.  We even sat together and  meditated which is something that we don’t do very much any more. Teenagers and such.

She even made the people waiting in line at the DPS office smile. She was just ‘giggly’. When she is in a good mood, her energy seems to be infectious. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to see enough of that. Her moods due to her autism, is like the old children’s poem, the girl with the curl. “When she is good, she is very very good and when she is bad she is horrid.”

But today was a good day. Thus is the life of a family with an autistic adult child.

It’s difficult to teach her the ‘nature way’ so my other jewel who is only 18 is much more advanced and has even gone through her first sweat.

But Jess is  filled with art magick and her creations are wonderful. Stone carved faeries, weaving, pots and new embroidery.  But you have to wait until she is ready. This is the gift that the Goddess and Great Spirit has bestowed on her. And it fits well.  She walks in the beauty of the Great Spirit.

I believe that the Gods send us on certain paths. I read tarot and I always tell my clients that it isn’t written in stone; that the individual has the inner strength to change their own path. This is ours.

I’ve been unemployed since last November. Friends think it’s odd that I’m not concerned being unemployed this long. I apply, I look via the internet and connections. But it doesn’t worry me. I know I’m being set on a new path and that is fine by me.

A blogger here that I’ve become very fond of reading, by the name of Witchy Rambles, talked today of seeking the spiritual in one’s life amidst the mundane. There are quite a few that allow the mundane fill their lives and then they wonder why they fill empty and unfulfilled.

I don’t have that problem. I feel the spiritual will overcome all and my life will succeed as well as flourish. It is out of my hands and that is all right by me.

Walk in Beauty.


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  1. There is no such thing as "mundane." :)
    And … enjoy your journey ~ all of it!



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