Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yuletide Renovations

We have been having one loo-loo of a winter storm here in North Texas. A week of snow, ice and below freezing temps. So what does my husband decide to do, RENOVATING THE HOUSE. Yea...not very good timing but he was bored.

Instead of putting out my Yuletide decorations, my walls are bare drywall, my furniture and various kitchy objects are piled in my bedroom and hallways and there is a very large hole in my kitchen ceiling. Our walls are being sprayed with insulation, electrical sockets installed, wires straightened out, rooms extended and rooms painted.

I suppose the gentleman working on my house won't get hot. Instead, he waits until lunch-time so the ceiling will warm up enough for him to do the electrical. And hopefully it won't take long; after all my house is nicknamed 'the mouse-house' and for good reason. We had the fireplace removed from the living room just so it would give us an extra four feet!

Now I sit in my kitchen stitching away and drawing designs for future projects. Cozy but I would so like my comfy chair....


  1. Yeah men's boredom comes at the strangest times. Love the pattern girlfriend.

  2. Hey! I was wondering if you could email me so I could ask you a question about your dog.


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