Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Well, after several months of waiting and debating, we finally have gotten started on the renovaton on our 1950's house. Of course, it didn't look like much since Kenny (the gentleman doing the entire renovation) and his assistant battled rusty and broken pipes. They even had to replace the pipes leading from the house to the streets. Yikes!

We also had two very large holes in the floor; one being in the kitchen(really big hole) and another in the living room so they could access the gas lines.

And why was all of this for? A laundry room in my carport complete with new subfloor, new INSULATED  walls and room for my washer, dryer, upright freezer and one of two of my refrigerators.  If the weather stays with us then they'll be tearing up my bathroom next! :)

Fortunately no more snow for us! YEA! Although it does slow down the creative part.

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