Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Word Inspiration


Well I just had my birthday and, with most life events, changes occur. Now I'm not a kid so when I decide to make changes in my life, they have currents throughout my family.

1. The happiest change is my desire to enjoy past hobbies, which is reading. After telling my husband this, his response was "Let's go". The result was my purchase of a Kindle PaperWhite, which I adore. Since this past Saturday I've read 5 rather think books. The husband has remarked its the most he has seen me read in years. I even bought a membership to Amazon's Prime to access their free library.

2.  Remember my comment about currents? Well the rippling effects have resulted in my decision to rid myself of the majority of my book collection, which consists of 7 large totes of books from hard back to paperback to technical books. My youngest, who really was never very interested in reading, has now ask to use my Kindle to read books.

3. I don't know if it's because of the present renovation or the decision to make more room in our small house by getting rid of the books, but a need to simplify my own life has become more important of late.

Changes are good yet as we age, we fight against change. When we were younger, most of us most likely scoffed at our elders for not accepting new things in our universe; yet we now find ourselves just as guilty. Only the strong can see their mistakes and are willing to embrace the changes for what they are. Change will happen whether we accept them or not.

So I realize that there is going to be new journeys and new experiences. And I just have to say,'If you must, then come to me and let us dance the way of our ancestors with mirth in our hearts."

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