Thursday, May 8, 2014

Renovating the Renovator

I'm having my house renovated. I've been having my house renovated since before Christmas and yet we are still sittting here with almost every room still undone.

We had the plumbing done...twice. bathrooms rebuilts, windows installed and and installed some more. We still have 5 rooms that are not finished, even though we are paid up. NOW the renovator has slowed down to a crawl because 1) he wants to run off to 'money jobs' and 2) he doesn't like doing the small jobs that he either screwed up or rushed.

He is also supposed to build me an art studio. That may not happen.

So, a few days ago, enough was enough. He is a FaceBook junkie so I decided to leave a general post there (since speaking and texting didn't work). Needless to say I got the reaction that I wanted....anger.

Yes, he was angry enough to make excuses that fell on deaf ears. But he was angry enough that he got to work. He would usually show up at 9 and leave before noon. NOT today! He finished three whole jobs!  Nothng like knowing how to handle a guy! :)

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