Friday, June 27, 2014

Daybook and Baseball

I'm always seeking for ways to keep my thoughts, therefore my ability to come up with new subjects to write about, fresh. A friend of mine, Angel Blue had this on her blog and I thought, 'what a good idea'.

The blogger's site is  and it is a very good blog if you are interested in getting involved with a group.

I'm not but the idea is excellent for keeping a writer going.


outside my window
are leaves. Long, green with a point. There are swaying in the wind due to yet another rain storm that seems to be approaching. Beyond that I can see an large bed of brown pine needles carpeting the grown. The wind, therefore the leaves, move and then become in a state of stalemate with patches of sunlight for good measure. 
 I am thinking 
about writing. I have several articles that have been begun and stopped. I get dragged away often for family things and household things. "I must write", I tell myself but then it happens again.

 I am thankful
 for that family who keeps tearing me away from my writing, my animals which three have draped themselves across my bed but are always leg, my hip, my feet. Thankful that the pain in my knees is not as bad as it has been in day before. It could be worse and it has been.
In the kitchen
 are half-painted wall of butter yellow, a wall lined with tools and texture mud and other construction type things.
I am wearing
black. Black shorts and a black T-shirt that states HUMAN with a UPC code below. Large dangling copper earrings. What I not wearing are shoes because I hate them. If I could get away with it, I would never wear them again.
I am creating
Sentences that turn into paragraphs then into stories. 
I am going
nowhere today, hopefully. Maybe into the kitchen for a cup of green tea with jasmine or possibly the laundry room to avoid wearing black tomorrow. 

I am wondering
 if it will rain again, if the college rep will call or will I have to sit on the phone again for yet another hour of their switchboard not answering, if I will get the three articles I want to finish today, completed.
I am reading
research on the internet, How to sell on Amazon sine I have too, too many books, 'Solutions For Adult with Asperger Syndrome', and Roald Dahl's 'Bedtime Stories'.

I am hoping
I will be able to make a substantial salary from my writing since job hunting has been a bust. Hoping that my house will finally get finished and my studio will finally be built. I am always hoping to win the lottery so I no longer have to be afraid for my special needs children's future. 

I am looking forward to
 Getting the youngest into college, getting my articles finished and on the move and getting a normal floor in my kitchen.
I am learning  
spanish; that I really don't need a large house because you only fill it full of stuff that is useless, that I would rather write and read than watch television and that I hate arthritis.
Around the house
 is quiet. My oldest is laying on the floor of her bedroom putting together a puzzle and the youngest is writing practice exercises for her college entrance exams on Monday. The husband is both listening to the televised Western while he plays a computer card game.
I am pondering
a salad for lunch, whether or not to attempt to call the college in Gainesville to attempt, yet again, to set up an appointment with the advisor for the youngest and if I should spray my vegtable plants with a organic spray to rid them of the harmful bugs or if I will stay put and just work on my articles.

A favorite quote for the day

There is no future in the past.

One of my favorite things
An antique crystal perfume decanter given to me by my paternal grandmother. 

A few plans for the rest of the week
Write...again.  Go through boxes and get rid of 'stuff' that I don't need. Get rid of the branches in the backyard that the husband has yet to move. Tend to both the garden and the compost heap. Read. Finish a crafty rug with my youngest FOR my youngest. More tai chi. And meditation. 

A peek into my day 
Water garden, clean up laundry room, laundry, get the girls to get their chores done, feed the indoor cats AND outdoors cats, Tai Chi, meditation, write, check email for messages from college advisor, darn clothes, make organic cupcakes, make pasta salad for tonight's dinner. 

Something I would like to do this week
Go to the healthy grocery store to stock up on organic foods that I need. It is a 120 mile roundtrip so it has to be planned out 

My oldest daughter at the Texas Rangers' baseball clinic.

Last week was a busy one. Hell, the month of June has been busy. After spending over a week recuperating from a bout of sinus infections from the week before aka summer camp, both girls were finally over being under the weather.

The oldest (pictured above), had it the worst and getting her well before her baseball team's beach party and, days later, the trip to the Texas Rangers' Baseball Clinic in Arlington, was definitely  chore.  She is hardly ever sick, 3 times in 20 years, and so when she does get sick she....gets...SICK.

But miracles happen and both girls happily went off in 90 degree heat to throw and bat with a real Texas Ranger. Mind you, they had no idea who the Texas Rangers were, but that did not matter. Being in that stadium, autographs, gift bags, a box lunch and some very nice professional players made it all worthwhile.

You see, this clinic is for younger kids, not adults. So our local auto dealer, James Woods, got together with the Chevy corporation and the Rangers to do this very special thing for our special needs buddy baseball team. They didn't have to; they could have stuck to the rules. But some rules are just made to be bent a little. It will be a day my girls will not forget for a long time.

Well back to writing (for money) again. ....

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  1. I hope things get better and love the pictures.


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