Thursday, June 26, 2014

In Need of a Muse

It's raining today. And yesterday. And the day before. That's fine with me because this is North Texas and the land of drought. The local lake is literally gone; being able to walk half-way across it now.

Besides, there is something with this type of weather that urges me to write; a watery muse so to speak. Regardless, it brings out my need to sit here with my laptop at hand.   What stimulates your gears into motion?  A book? A movie? The weather?

Lately, I have needed my muse. My children went to a Special Needs camp a week ago where the eldest contracted some sort allergy infection, in which she promptly gave to the entire family. She just recovered in time to attend the Texas Rangers baseball clinic. Fun for them; boring for us parents.

Husband and I sat high in the stands in the glorious shade and breeze while my daughter's special needs baseball team sweated in out on the field. But they were thrilled and we were as well, for them. I noticed that the more socially elite adults of the group were doing what socially elite people do. It made me laugh a bit that they just couldn't hold back their neediness to be noticed for these handicapped adults.

It's funny how the class system of high school never stops after high school but haunts us all of our days. The football captains. The cheerleaders. The stoners. The over achievers. The slackers. The loners.

We all keep our old labels though the stronger ones may change their ways in time. Some but definitely not all.

I also had ordeals with getting the youngest ready for college. Testing for this and the way those cost extra even if they are unnecessary. And contacting this rep because she is special needs. And filling out this form and that form and getting this shot and you have to make copies of this paperwork because we're not going to waste our ink and paper to do it for you.

And she hasn't even registered for classes yet.

Yes, I believe I needed the rain to bring my muse back to me. Even minor ordeals can tear at a writer's creativity.

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