Monday, June 30, 2014

Today's weather is.... warm, sunny and windy

The clock says....6:26

I can hear...a gas flame crackling from the kitchen with the distant sounds of 'Lost Girl' on the television.

I am reading....The Tarot Card by Valerie Clay

The last book I finished....Buddha in Blue Jeans

Outside my window....Elm tree

The last movie I saw.....Thor The Dark World

I am thinking......about the Special Needs Baseball article that I'm working on

In my cup.....Green tea  with Jasmine

In the kitchen...boiling potatoes for a veggie dinner

I am bed later :)

I am pondering....about creating my arthritis brew.

I am looking forward to....getting the quote for the article

What am I praying finance one child's education and get us back on our feet again.

Around the house.....husband and dog is asleep, oldest dd writing a story while youngest studying math.

I am patient with beauracy

One of my favorite things...quiet time reading

Steps towards simplicity....getting rid of 'junk' both physically and emotionally.

 A peek into my day....taking youngest to college for testing, going to retail for phone card and veggies, sending out 4 articles, washing the bedspreads, garden the herbs, research, making dinner. post on my fitness app.

 A few plans for rest of week.... get interviews with several websites to get them to pick up my bylines, research college grants, take metal items to junk yard. More writing; more research.

Something I would like to do this week..... go to a spa

 Favorite moment this week......ah the week is still young.

Newest passion.... um I got nothin'

Source of backyard

A photo worth sharing.....

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