Monday, August 25, 2014

Positivity VS Social Nonense

Lately something has been happening. It's been really good and important but yet frightening in the same mode.

Tired of being in pain and, no matter how hard I've tried, events and consequences just weren't...jiving.

Something had to give and inter-personal research was in order. This led to that moment of realization; sense that something was about to happen. But when change occurs, there is always good and the bad.

I tried to avoid that bad issue but that change 'thing' just keeps getting in the way.

So I began the difficult journey of removing the negativity from my life. That includes people as well. The whiners, complainers, drama types, etc. and it has been a long process. I've also removed negative items and habits. This comes in the guise of formular event plus response equals outcome. In other words, consequences of actions are a bitch.

So this means no negative impulses of any kind and no useless and pointless distractions.

No news programs or negative/aggressive/violent shows, severely limit computer time and, again, anything that can negatively impact my life.

This is replaced with reading a book a week on self improvement and inspiring nature,(gone are the murder mysteries), visualization meditation, positive or inspiring tv. More time with positive people who are all about being inspiring/positive/successful and the family. I will still be here because the ones that I "choose" have been of the uplifting and non-dramatic type.

I was doubtful. I had read the books before that gave you that "if you buy my book, I guarantee.." hocum. But I didn't buy anything and just listened.

Events are happening. So much so that even my doubting thomas now turned positive husband believes. Weight disappeared, pain diminished and other positive events have begun. Even a burgeoning business is developing.

Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr will have to do without me. I lived without them before so I'm sure that they will find other victims to succumb. This is just one passenger that jumping off that succubus train. 

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