Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Things...They Are A-Changin'

Today's weather is.... hot with a slight breeze
The clock says....4:39p.m.

I can youngest rattling baking sheets while preparing another round of baking.
I am reading....The Tarot Card by Valerie Clay

The last book I finished....The Alladin Effect by Jack Canfield

Outside my window....branches swaying in the hot August wind with spots of sunlight

The last movie I saw.....I haven't seen any recently. Barely watch television

I am thinking......making personal changes in my life

In my green tea

In the kitchen...filled with homemade baked good

 I am going... absolutely nowhere

I am pondering....about what came up in my meditation

I am looking forward to....having the last next two months over with so we can get back on an financial even-keel

What am I praying for.....winning the lottery!

Around the house....smells like sugar and bread

I am form of meditation and cake decorating

One of my favorite things...native beading

Steps towards simplicity....I've thrown out about 10 totes of accumulated 'stuff'

  A peek into my day....30 minutes of Qi gong. Took the oldest for haircut. 1 hour of visualization meditation. Creating vegetarian dinner, watering of vegetables. Organize medicare paperwork for husband. Reading up on business loans.

 A few plans for rest of week....plan menus for rest of week, teach youngest how to make jelly roll cake, work on beading project, go through more boxes in storage.

Something I would like to do this week..... go to Denton for grocery shopping

 Favorite moment this week......youngest's revelation of what her passion is.

Newest passion.... tai chi and qi gong

Source of daughters

Lately, things have been a bit crazy; almost like a Chinese food dinner. A little sweet with the sour. For the past two months, I've suffered in physical pain which has brought on depression.  I haven't wanted to even leave the house.  

After going through all of THAT, I decided I was tired of the sporadic pain that led into other problems. So I've begun down the road of  relaxing exercises of tai chi and qi gong, radical simplifying of my physical life, visualization meditation and removal of negativity. I have a tendency to allow such things and, before long it becomes the reason for my problems. So no more. I've already removed quite a few off of my FB list, cut out websites and message boards that have too many whiners, etc..

I need positive and successful people around me. Now the word 'successful' does not mean financially so but those who have their lives together that they aren't all about knocking themselves as well as others. I am rejecting drama because my life, at the moment, isn't in need of any.

But the 'sweet' came this week as well with my daughter deciding what her passion is and is following through with it. Not only that, she has put her education in the forefront and has decided she needs a college degree "just in case". Lately, the house smells like a bakery with her and her sister decided to learn more about baking. This has consisted in learning advanced techniques and making elaborate desserts like eclairs, jelly roll cakes and creating their own recipes.

Things are turning around. We'll see how it goes......

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  1. Glad to hear somethings are turning around for you.



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