Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Daughter's Dilemma

I have special needs daughters. My oldest is labeled as Autistic. She has the emotional state of somewhere around 5-12 with no control over social behavior. She also suffers from post menopause syndrome which also is pre menopause syndrome since it begins a week ahead of time and a week afterwards. The hormonal swings can be devastating for both her and us.

Lately she has had more than her, and mine, fair share of blowups. So much so that we have changed her diet once again. Yea...that's been interesting.

Let's see, no pork, processed meats like lunch meat, milk,sugar, juice...in other words everything she likes. She absolutely hates chicken yet it's one of the few protein that she can have (since she hates all legumes).  You might describe it as a stricter diabetic diet.

So I endured more screaming, ranting, taunting, etc..

Meanwhile, I have to go out to be amongst the spirits to ghost hunt and all of while my mind is still on this poor who cannot control or understand what is happening.

Maybe tomorrow morning will be a better day.

Today's weather is.... hot with a slight breeze

The clock says...12am

I can hear...distant voices of friends as they prepare to investigate a building and the music of Renaissance Babes.

I am reading....Zak Bagins new book, "I Am Haunted'

The last book I finished....The Alladin Effect by Jack Canfield

Outside my window....tall, dark buildings

The last movie I saw.....Notting Hill

I am thinking......about my oldest and what her future will be.

In my cup.....mixed berry organic tea

In the kitchen...is most likely filled with cats sleeping.

 I am going... to entire this building in front of me

I am pondering....performing a protection meditation.

I am looking forward to....finding something going on here because the last two houses we investigated were a bust.

What am I praying for.....winning the lottery!

Around the house....is most likely very quiet since they are all asleep.

I am learning....about cooking diabetic meals

One of my favorite things..watching my youngest attend college

Steps towards simplicity....throwing out more things that I haven't used in 5 years.

  A peek into my day....30 minutes of Qi gong. Took the youngest to college. 1 hour of visualization meditation. Checking list of equipment for tonight. Attempting to calm down daughter 1. Make a meal plan for tonight. Make large pot of green tea for tonight. 

 A few plans for rest of week....take the kid to school, take her for a haircut, research more on autistic aggression, make meal plan for the nights I won't be here.

Something I would like to do this week..... go to Denton for grocery shopping

 Favorite moment this week......my dog crawling under my bed to the other side just to avoid my cats.

Newest passion.... to tired to have a passion

Source of inspiration.....Effy Wild

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