Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ello! Ello!

Well, finally someone caught on!  It has been announced on most of the online news that competition for Facebook has arrived and it is called Ello.  Ello has announced no ads and will prioritize that strange seldom used word, PRIVACY.

Actually Ello, an invite only social network site, is still in beta testing yet over 35,000 per hour seem to be signing up. A sign that Mr. Facebook himself should be concerned. Afterall, haven't people been crying foul and threatening to leave for quite a while now? In fact, quite a few news sites have stated that the rate of people staying with the great F-B has been declining in the last year.

Now they have a reason. I just hope Ello's promises will come true. 

Returning to paranormal research has been an interesting experience especially since I took a hiatus for 6 months. It's not been easy to get back into the sleeping during the day to be prepared for night time ghostly searches.  A 'newbie' in the group actually got 'attached' by a spirit which took a while to get it unattached. I asked her later why she hadn't protected herself via meditation. Her response was that she didn't know she should. To me it's amazing how many jump head-first without any type of preparation. They just seem to watch too many 'Ghost Adventure' episodes and think it's fun. Well it can be a bit dangerous as well and something not to take lightly. It's nice to see the gentlemen involved in GA do warn its viewers about such things but some just don't listen. Ah, but we live and learn.

I know my first time out that I was petrified. I was only 13 and was knocked to the ground by a nasty spirit who didn't like females. A slight concussion and sprained wrist resulted in a life lesson and a series of lectures from well seasoned pros. Even in the world of the paranormal, everyone needs a good teacher.

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