Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our Walden

Lately I've been engrossed in my own liberation, art. I find this relaxing, inspiring, exhilarating and spirit-raising. So much so that I don't remember why I quit!

I suppose real life and its negative cousin, conformant, have taken over my life more than I really expected. It's a bit like being in a rut. You have no idea that it has slowly taken over your life until, years later, you wake up and say, "What happened?"

You know that YOU allowed this to occur out of dealing with kids or husband or job or being just plain lazy. Then the negative feelings take over and you feel more and more as if you have forgotten something but...just...can't....remember what.

A bit like Alice falling down that dang rabbit hole.

Years pass. Maybe lots of years and you remember that young woman that loved art or music or whatever.

My husband actually had to ask, "When did you suddenly like to draw?"  Apparently too long for you to remember. So I'm drawing again and soon to be painting. As I seek out that more positive being that I was, my creative urges have returned in abundance. As I sat down to order supplies (since the closest things I had were art supplies for the girl's craft projects for school), I had to explain to my husband what a kneaded eraser was and the difference between Golden and the paints at Walmart. Egad!


Regardless if he understands since all of this is new for him, it' s all right. Fortunately, I have one of those kind who are definitely my soul mate. He might not 'get it' but he does. He understands my need to find a peaceful center and if art does not for me...well he grants me that power.

And that is all he needs to know as he slumps back in his rocking chair to watch yet another football game. We all have our Walden pond; our place of inspiration and contentment. Those places just appear differently to our individual tastes.

And that is fine with us.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration and hope all is going well


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