Monday, September 1, 2014

Positive Path

This is something that I can safely say both of my daughters have been blessed with.  

Lately, we all have been working towards more positive goals instead of trudging through our past. By this I mean that we just accepted what negative events were happening and allowing negative people to influence us.

No more...

We have learned to let go, accept certain and realize that we are not helpless in what occurs in our life. It has made me stronger, more accepting and less, in a way.  I've grown impatient with those who have negative attitudes and wish me into that world. I have to admit I tolerated it before. I have dismissed those, in my past, that have this need and have embraced those who do not.

It hasn't been a smooth road but a necessary one. So much so, I have thinking of a new path already.

Even my daughters have come alive with these feelings. My eldest, who autistic, has become a bit calmer and more focused. We re-start school once again after a few years of refusing on her end. My youngest who has Aspergers, is having a successful start to her first year of college. Her teachers keep her focused and are open and inspiring themselves. For a first semester, this is an excellent way for her to conquer her fears of college.

Both practice meditation and PMA (positive mental attitude)  techniques, which is not easy for my oldest.

We are in the process of beginning a new adventure of a new business that will be a few towns away from where we live since we are all in agreement a negative environment is not where one should place a new business and think it will succeed.

Not thinking nor responding in a negative is new for us and not the easiest of concepts to grasp on a 24 hour a day basis. But it is one that we are all willing to be a part of.

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