Monday, September 15, 2014


As the days become cooler, a need to 'get busy living' seems to take over. Recently, I have been reading T.D Jakes and I was attracted to his metaphors of giraffes and turtles. We are all giraffes and the naysayers and negative people are the turtles. And we should never give away our dreams and goals to bend down to those damn turtles!

Good point and the man is excellent with metaphors.

I think this applies beautifully what I have been going through. Fortunately, I've seen the writing on the wall...I waited a little long but the steps to rid myself of my turtles and introduction of 'giraffes' with my energy and goals is happening. Even it is a little slow.

You just got to have patience.  And the ability to let go of your past.

If you truly rid yourself of the negative individuals in your life, which has to do with past mistakes, then the difficult work of ridding yourself of past habits must be the next step.  Of course, that means making tough decisions. Nobody likes making decisions; even choosing a resturant could be a pain.

Lately, I've stepped up my meditation to get over the little mountain to keep me focused on the positive. I've learned to accept the mistakes on my past because we are not perfect and learning  through mistakes is part of the journey.

I'm working on motivation through my instinct and that will mean changes for not just me but for the others in my life.

Change can never be wrong only beneficial. So what other changes have I made.

ART. I have gone back to my true love, art. I once took my design background and formed a business but after Etsy decided to forego homemade for Made in China bulk, I closed the business.  Now I've started to return to sketches, needle arts, and, soon, art journaling (with my oldest daughter who is also an artist).

Doing something you love is the best step to a positive life that you can ever have. I don't have to change everything about myself to find myself. I know my passion will lead my instinct and that will lead me to my purpose.

And purpose is a good thing. Maybe the only thing worth having. 

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