Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trying To Stay Positive

I dislike bloggers who are so obscure that you have no idea what on earth they are referring to. I understand that the person or persons are trying to be stoic or mysterious. They may even believe this is 'writing'. But I wish that they would just crap or get off the pot! Or at the very least, go to Facebook if you want to be cryptic.

This is a blog. A place of speaking your mind. If you don't want the world to know what your meaning is, then don't blog. Plain and simple.  Okay. That is done so moving on.

My daughters are both autistic; the youngest has Aspergers and the oldest is full blown Autism. The last month and a half, both have played baseball. Lately, it has not been fun. Egos within the organization with a few individuals has made an event that was enjoyable, a pain.

Now the individuals are decided to split the teams up. This may not sound bad but then you are probably not the parent of an Autistic child. Panic, turmoil and frustration have overcome the oldest. The youngest, after having a young man who was crashing one of the parties, refuses to attend due to the fact that management accused her of manipulating the situation. (We have spent the summer dealing with federal authorities and cyberstalking laws).

Why would anyone use a group of adults that are so innocent? It has become a money issue of course.

I have been trying my best to remain in a positive place. My heart tells me to get rid of such a negative situation. But the girls do love playing and it is the only social interaction the oldest has on a regular basis. It's a hard decision. Hopefully, with some coaching, we can get the oldest to a point of being able to handle this change. Although I believe the youngest may not return for the evening parties. It's sad what greed and power, even in the smallest denomination, can do.

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